FEBRUARY 23, 2019

The annual Apollo  Bal Masque is a formal event, below is our dress code policy please read accept the terms at the bottom of the page:

The acceptable attire is as follows, regardless of gender identity.


Members of the military may wear the traditional formal attire for their branch of service.

Feminine attire shall consist of a formal (floor length evening gown and (optional) long gloves.

Masculine attire shall consist of any of the following:

  1. White Tie: black dress tailcoat, matching trousers with a single (or double) strip of satin or braid, white picque wing-collared shirt with stiff front, shirt studs and cuff links, white vest, white bow tie, white or gray gloves, and black patent shoes.
  2. Black Tie: black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers, formal (picque or pleated front) white shirt, shirt studs and cuff links, black bow tie (silk, satin, or twill), and black patent shoes. No gloves.
  3. Creative Black Tie: a tuxedo combined with trendy or whimsical items, such as black shirt and matching colored or patterned bow tie and cummerbund
  4. Highland Dress: Prince Charlie Jacket, kilt, matching waistcoat; low cut and fastened with three Celtic buttons, white shirt (French or barrel cuffs and a turndown collar) with shirt studs, black bow tie, evening dress brogues, dress kilt hose and silk flashes, dress sporran; black silver mounted, sgian dubh (optional)and Dirk (optional).

Costumes, pantsuits, business suits, cocktail or tea length dresses, and the like are not permitted. If in doubt, guests should consult with their host or the Bal Masque Captain for clarification.

Should a guest's attire be deemed inappropriate by the Greeting Committee, the member, whose name appears as host on the Admit Card, will be summoned to inform the guest that they may not enter the Bal Masque.

Crowns may be worn by the current reigning and past reigning Kings and Queens of Apollo - Birmingham, current reigning Kings and Queens of visiting Krewes, and the current reigning Miss Apollo of Birmingham and Miss National Apollo.  Crowns may not be worn by other guests during the Bal Masque.